Troy Brooks and Christiano De Araujo

Troy Brooks
was born in Chatham, Ontario. His mother was a painter and he started drawing beside her at the age of two. Troy avoided a career in art until his thirties, but began showing his work in 2010. The Globe and Mail has called his paintings “alluring,” and “alarming,” “…a cast of shimmering characters.”

Blending mannerist elements of figurative pop art, surreal distortion and symbolism, Troy Brooks presents an elaborate pageantry of female characters observed in allegorical settings. These towering women play out scenes that explore the fringes of an internal landscape; caught in moments where something transformative has or is about to happen.

Christiano De Araujo is a self-taught artist who was born in Anápolis, Goiás, Brazil. His love of art and his talent for drawing were evident when he was a student in school. By the age of 20, Christiano began working for Brazil’s highly circulated newspaper, Diário da Manhã, doing editorial cartoons and illustrations. He also continued to work for other local newspapers and magazines. Realizing that he wanted more opportunities than he could have in Brazil, Christiano chose to immigrate to Canada in 1994.

Christiano currently resides in Toronto, Canada.  He works out of his home studio, as well as for Global Colors Inc., a studio of visual artists, painters and sculptors who design and produce murals and visual communication projects for audiences on a grand scale.

Troy and Christiano are collaborating on a mural for 418 Church Street on the south Facing wall of The MARQUIS (formerly The Barn).

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