Nadijah Robinson

Nadijah Robinson is an artist based in Toronto, currently working in the media of collage, textile & printmaking, sound, and installation. She received her BFA from the University of Ottawa. Her fabric-based work mixes the conventions of painting, street art and textile art in order to raise themes of memory, identity, and storytelling. This work aims to reflect and archive the stories of communities in which she is strongly rooted, and which are not often represented in conventional art spaces.

Drawing directly from experience with screen-printing, modern-batik making, sewing, figurative painting, and filmmaking, her work speaks to diverse artistic traditions. Robinson draws from her interest in popular histories, oral histories, sci-fi and subcultures to colour her subject matter.

Recent exhibitions include a solo exhibition of her series, BLACK INFINITY, at Accents on Eglinton (2012). She also screened her first-prize-winning video ‘QWOC: Queer Women of Colour Oral History Project’ at the Jacqueline Fry Contest at Gallery 115 (2009); as well as a showcase of her fabric-based works at Canteen Gallery in Ottawa (2010). Her community work and artwork often go hand in hand, in providing graphic design services, art direction, mentorship and workshops.

Nadijah’s mural will appear on the south wall of 508 Church Street (Crews & Tango)

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