John Kuna

John Kuna2
John Kuna has dedicated himself to the art of professional mural painting almost immediately upon graduating from The Ontario College of Art and Design in 1997. Today, his public and commercial works are featured in over 40 cities across Canada and the United States, including hallmark Canadian locations such as The Montreal Forum and The Rogers Centre in Toronto. His artwork has also appeared on the popular “Greatest Canadian” program on CBC.

Apart from his achievements in this field, John also continues to develop his personal body of work, specializing in fine painting and portraiture.  He has earned commissions from clients in The United Kingdom, Egypt, and The Czech Republic as well as throughout North America.

John was born in the Czech Republic, arriving to Canada when only ten years of age. Now based in Toronto, he continues to refine his style and technique drawing upon his travels and this city’s vibrant cultural heritage for inspiration. Since murals are so accessible and can achieve so much to transform a public space, it is his sincere hope that his art continues to be of the best possible service to the viewing public and community.

John’s mural will appear on the north facing wall of the 519 Community Centre on Church Street in August and September of 2013.

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